100% Pure Australian Emu Oil. 60ml bottle

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100% Pure Australian Emu Oil that is unsurpassed in freshness and quality. This results in a far more beneficial product that your skin, hair and joints will thank you for. Each product we offer you is properly processed (for external application), sampled, screened, analysed and lot recorded by both Rolls Choyce Essentials and our suppliers in Australia, guaranteeing you a superior product that is consistent, safe and effective. 

To insure top quality (no hormones, steroids, insecticides or antibiotics) ‘Rolls~Choyce Essentials’ 100% pure highest grade emu oil is processed in north-eastern Australia from Australian emus in government licensed premises. All refining processes are completed without disturbing the natural beneficial properties of the raw oil, unequaled in cleanliness and technology for low-temperature refining compared to the vast majority of processing and refining facilities in the US. Customer satisfaction is our utmost concern and our 100% pure Australian emu oil is continuously refrigerated at 34 degrees Fahrenheit, giving it an indefinite shelf life. NOTE: Emu oil is derived from emus being processed for their meat and not for their oil. It is a by-product which would simply be wasted had an application not been developed for it.

  1. Can be used on all types of skin as often as needed.

2. Can be used to reduce swelling and muscle soreness after training or if someone has suffered an injury (contains no steroids or hormones). 
3. Excellent for people getting sports therapy massage they can use the oil, which will provide an added benefit (contains high levels of linolenic acid, a substance that eases joint pain). 

4. Ideal for people concerned about skin conditions or reactions. 

5. It’s non-comedogenic. Does not clog pores (or cause acne). 

6. Reduces inflammation caused by arthritis (when used regularly reduces inflammation and swelling). 

7. Prevents scarring by enhancing the skin's growth activity if applied to a recent cut or burn (speeds up the healing process with less pain). 

8. Excellent for healing open wounds (speeds up the healing process with less pain). 

9. Prevents stretch marks and aids in diminishing or completely erasing stretch marks. 

10. Very effective on first and second-degree burns. Reduces pain, blistering and scarring (Speeds up the healing process with less pain). 

11. Excellent for minor cuts and scratches 

12. Stimulates hair follicles to proliferate and grow (many male users have reported renewed hair growth), and is great for nails (Improves the rate of growth and the condition). 

13. Excellent for insect bites (due to its anti-inflammatory properties). 

14. Increases skin thickness (by as much as 14%) and reduces wrinkles (penetrating through and conditioning multiple layers of the skin allowing your skin to look and feel it's best). 

15. Excellent moisturizer (leaves skin feeling soft, supple, and more hydrated). 

16. Soothes discomfort from sunburns (sidesteps the peeling phase), acne, eczema and rashes etc. 

17. Helps skin to withstand colder climates. 

18. Has a natural ‘SPF’ (sun protection factor). 

19. Prevents or reduces nosebleeds when applied to nasal passages. 

20. Great for headaches, especially migraines. 

21. Excellent for dry skin, scalp treatment, dry, damaged hair, and chapped lips (in any climate). 

22. And much more.

Emu oil is a rich source of natural vitamins, especially A & E as well as minerals, fatty acids, lecithin, natural antioxidants and other healing and health promoting ingredients. As can be seen from the above fatty acid profile emu oil contains fatty acids omega 3, 6 & 9. The omega 3’s are in the form of linolenic acid (LNA C18: 3 W3), which in the body naturally produces the other important fatty acids, which are found in fish oil.

Emu oil is a completely safe, 100% natural moisturizer and pain reliever. Emu oil is used in skin care and beauty products for the body, skin, nails, and hair; in pet products to reduce itchy skin from fleabites and to make a dull coat shine. Most importantly, emu oil can be used alone or combined with other ingredients to relieve pain. Emu oil contains no steroids or hormones, and is known for its normalizing abilities—it can slow down an over-performing body function or speed up one that is not performing well enough.   "The fact that emu oil helps normalize basic cellular function in so many skin ailments is outstanding. Emu oil has been successfully employed on various types of burns as well as on abrasions and also gaping wounds."