Flexibar. Vibration bar great for rehabilitation and exercise

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Physio-work Vibration Flexibar, Fitness Body Bar to Strengthen Arms, Back and Shoulders, Improve Posture with Good Vibrations Bar.

About this item

  • The Physio-work Vibration Flexibar provides feedback in the form of good Vibrations so the user can easily monitor their posture and strength.
  • The Flexibar offer a fun and interactive way to tone specific muscle groups while adding an energy boost to ones routine.
  • The flexible body bars are designed with comfort in mind, providing heavy-duty flexibility to mimic any type of aerobic or toning exercise.
  • Each flexbars design offers users a full range of motion, allowing for increased range of motion for the arms, chest and shoulders for enhanced strength gains.
  • The Fitness Body Bars use gentle vibrations from Good Vibrations technology that help relax tension at the sorest of points on the muscles, making it effective in improving posture over time.
  • Blue bar with Black handle and tips.