GRRRIP Enhancer 2 fluid ounces

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GRRRIP," the Grip Enhancer is formulated from all natural and readily available materials and is currently available in a two (2) ounce Pump Spray and as "GRRRIP PLUS.

Product Benefits are...

  • It is a Dry Non-Sticky and Non-Tacky Grip and Hold Enhancer.
  • Repels Moisture and Perspiration
  • Provides Thermal Protection
  • Provides protection against Grease, Oil and Grime,
  • Affords a degree of protection against the formation of Blisters.
  • A clean replacement for chalk.
  • Is More Effective at Improving grip
  • Repels Moisture
  • Is Dry to the Touch
  • Non-sticky and Non-tacky
  • Is Inert and Biodegradable
  • Washes off with just soap and water
  • Has unlimited uses
  • Has a fresh Citrus Fragrance