I became a Massage Therapist after losing my son to a condition called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Nurses had commented on what I was doing and who showed me. Simple answer it was from my heart.

After one nurse sat me down and said I was a natural and I need to look into doing a course. So I started a Sports Therapy course in 1998. I had six weeks to go and had to drop out as I lost daughter to the the same condition as my son. the tutor was great and understanding and told me when the time was right to come back and study.

My love was this Beautiful Trade. I knew it was what I wanted to do. So the courses started and still being continued today.

I have been lucky with some of the people I have treated and events I have done. With some still being remembered when i look over past photos.

As for sports and event work, it started with Rugby, an world record breaking event with three people going for a 24 hour rowing which they did break, athletics, various marathons up and down this country, OCR, crossfit competitions, power lifting, tri-athlon, running events from 5k to ultra distances and not forgetting charity work which has been for Above & Beyond Cancer Foundation, SMA support UK and Children with Cancer UK.

When finding my vocation in life I have gone from strenght to strenght and always trying to improve my skills to be that better person.

Plus along the way I have had some amazing tutors that changed me and how I look and treat people.

Thank you


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"Alfie is a brilliant therapist, I have a spinal condition which flares up from time to time this is when I call Alfie, he's very knowledgeable and his treatments helps me enormously. His taping techniques are brilliant too, the tape helps to support the injured area. I am usually very wary of who I let touch my lower back for fear of them causing pain, but with Alfie I have no fear just full trust. He's a miracle worker Cannot recommend ACG Massage highly enough. My 78yr old dad has had shoulder pain on & off for some time, 1 treatment with Alfie & my dad is pain free in that area If you have any injury or pain just get in touch....oh or if you want a pamper."

Carol Mason Grant

"Alfie takes time to understand your history, clarifies any concerns you may have, understands your goals - where you are currently at and what you are focusing on right now. He makes sure that you are comfortable with what he is doing, why he is doing it and what impact it will have. He uses all of this info to concentrate on the key areas you need and make suggestions in relation to what you may need to focus on. After up-ing my game in relation to cycling Alfie was recommended to me. He has been brilliant in relation to sports massages for my legs and keeping them moving."

Karen Jackson

"Wouldn't go any where else. Alfie is awesome at his job, he's so professional and is always there when you need him"

Emma Deaker

"I had a very pronounced thick scar after a knee replacement, it was causing issue bending
After a consultation, I took up the advice and massage, the scar tissue is now very thin and helped my knee."

Tony Farquhar