Rea Tape Bionic ~ 4 way stretch Dynamic Tape 5cm x 5 meters

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RT Bionic 4 way stretch Tape 5cm x 5 meters.

85% Nylon, 15% Spandex.

Heat activated medical acrylic adhesive.

Latex free, Zinc Oxcide free, up to 24 hours wear.

REA TAPE is a professionally engineered kinesiology tapefor all the body areas. REA TAPE provides support for injured structures without compromising a healthy range of motion.

REA TAPE can help with fluid movement because the elasic recoil of the tape 'lifts' the skin, which increasesthe space underneath to allow for lympjatic drainage that helps with tissue healing and speeds up the overall healing process. You can wear it in the shower and while sleeping so it;s provides therapeutic treatment 24/7.