Rea Tape I.A.S.T.M. Axe

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Rea Tape Instrument Assisted Sift Tissue Mobilization Tool.

This RT AXE offers you its advantages on working on most parts of the body, as you can immediately relieve the muscle pain, headaches and chronic back, shoulder or neck pain. By activating the trigger points or feathering techniques along the muscle fibres.

 Applicable for many parts of the body: acupuncture / tendons / massage.



  •  Made of  surgical stainless steel, durable and wear-resistant, easy to use, easy to clean.
  •  Improves blood circulation, promotes metabolism and improves immune function.
  •  Dredge meridian, distributes blood stasis, strengthens the permeability of the skin and improves visceral function.
  •  You will feel comfortable and supple when holding and using, and it will not hurt your skin.
  •  Specially designed massage tool.


Be careful.

  • If the skin has ulcers, damage or inflammation, it is not suitable to avoid scratches.
  • The waist, abdomen and ankles of the pregnant woman must not scratch.
  • After scraping, drink a cup of hot (warm) boiling water to supplement the body, promote metabolism and speed up the delivery of metabolites.


Great gift idea.