Rocktape Neon Kinesiology Tape. 5cm x 5 meters Limited Edition.

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Rocktape Neon Kinesiology Tape


Be seen in the the dark and with the comfort knowing your muscles are protected.

Turn off the lights, turn up the volume. Our Limited Edition Neon tape is all the rave. We suggest dark rooms and vibrant black lights to set this tape off.

Ideal for dancers, artists and anyone looking to have a good time.


  • When applied properly, RockTape kinesiology tape microscopically lifts the skin away from the muscle and fascia below, increasing blood flow, which relieves swelling, delays fatigue, and increases kinesthetic awareness
  • Stickier: stays on longer than the competition
  • Stretchier: better range of motion, with 180% elasticity, compared to other brands offering 130-150% stretch.