RockTape RockBand RX Extra Heavy Blue Later Free Rehab Therapy Band

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RockBandRx is our take on a durable therapy band system to meet the needs of physical therapist and chiropractors. Available in five resistances, they are latex free and competitively priced.


We understand that you need to focus on delivering the best patient care without increasing costs. RockBandRx is competitively priced.

Latex Free

You want every patient to complete your prescribed exercises, and latex allergies are common. Don’t worry – our bands are all latex free.

Five Resistances

RockBandRx is sold as a 150-foot long, cut-it-yourself roll and is available in five different resistances, from extra light to extra heavy
They’re color coded for easy reference.

Added Bonus: Movement Manifesto

Every RockBandRx includes a special Movement Manifesto, a booklet that contains valuable information to educate users on the following:

  • How to use RockBandRx
  • Detailed movements and exercises
  • Helpful hints about best ways to use RockBandRx
  • Breathing and proper alignment
  • Differentiating pain from discomfort
  • A full reference section that will appeal to medical professionals interested in learning more about movement techniques


  • 45m length x 12cm wide/150ft x 4.72in
  • Five levels of resistance
  • Packaged one band to a box, cut it yourself with 22 imprints
  • Made of TPE, a non-latex material